NEBO Redline 6000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Hand Torch

NEBO Redline 6000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Hand Torch is one of the brightest personal light sources available, making it ideal for search and rescue and group night exercises. 

The lightweight body is manufactured from aircraft grade hard anodised aluminium with seals and finishes that give the torch a waterproof IP67 rating. The main shaft of the torch has ergonomic finger cut outs so the torch sits comfortably in your hand, and heat dissipating fins on the torch head.  

To turn on the torch, press the white rubberised button above the finger grips. This starts off in high lighting mode, but you can cycle through the modes with each press of the button. To reduce power consumption and allow the users eyes to adjust to the lighting modes, the Smart Power Control gradually changes the light output on each press. 

Adjusting the light beam is easy by rotating the head of the torch; clockwise provides a flood light ideal for short range illumination, whilst counter-clockwise focuses the light beam with a 4x zoom.

Lumens* Hours Distance (metres)
High 6000
Medium 1200


There is also a secondary light source that is independent of the battery located behind the torches lens. This glow-in-the-dark reflector recharges when the light is on and when sunlight hits it. It produces a low light level that preserves night vision and ensures stealth. 

To recharge the battery, you just need to remove the rubber charging point cover that can be found opposite the on/off button. With the torch comes a micro USB to USB cable. Plug the micro USB in to the torches port, and the USB end to the power source. There is also a separate USB port above the mirco USB port.  You can use this to charge other electrical equipment using the torches battery as a power bank. 

* Lumens: refers to the amount of light or light energy that is actually radiated from a light source. The higher the figure the brighter the torch.



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NEBO Redline 6000 Lumen Torch

High powered impact resistant and waterproof

Brand: NEBO

Version: NE6822

Technology: Optimized COB

Battery type:  5000 mAh 26650 7.4V lithium-ion battery (included)

Battery life: High - 2 hours, Medium - 5 hours, Low - 50 hours, Strobe - 3 hours

Charging time: 5-20 hours depending on the output of the USB

Bulb type: High power white LED

Brightness: High - 6000 lumens, Medium - 1200 lumens, Low - 60 lumens, Strobe - 6000 lumens

Range: High - 219 metres, Medium - 98 metres, Low - 69 metres, Strobe - 219 metres

Lighting modes: 4 including flashing/strobing

Construction: Impact and water resistant anodised aluminium body

Standards: IP67 - Fully submersible to 1 metre for 30 minutes

Torch dimensions: 265mm x 55mm diameter

Weight: 650g / 22.9oz (including batteries)

Contents: Torch, micro USB to USB charging cable, lanyard

Made in: China



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