Jetboil Zip Gas Camping Stove

Jetboil Zip Gas Camping Stoves are extremely compact and energy efficient, making them ideal for solo adventurers and backpackers. 

The 800ml FluxRing pot is manufactured from anodised aluminium, with a heat exchanger and integrated wind shield built in to its base. To help insulate the contents and  improve fuel efficiency, the pot has a neoprene sleeve that incorporates the wide webbing handle for single hand holding. A heat resistant press-fit plastic lid has a sipping spout and separate perforated colander holes, whilst the plastic bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl. 

The burner unit connects to the FluxRing pot by aligning two grommets and twisting. Gas canisters are attached via the standard screw valve on the burners base. The flames intensity can be adjusted using the integrated gas knob. On level ground, the gas canister should provide all the stability that is needed, but a collapsible stabiliser (included) can be attached for greater safety.

When no longer required, the burner slots inside the FluxRing pot along with a 100g gas canister (not included) and the collapsible leg supports.  

Please Note: The gas canister is not included.


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Customer Reviews

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Zip Gas Camping Stove

Energy efficient and quick for solo adventurers in a hurry

Brand: Jetboil
Version: ZPCD-EU
Technology: FluxRing
Dimensions: 165 x 104mm /6.5 x 4.1" (packed)
Weight: 340g / 12oz (excludes gas canister stabiliser)
Burn time: 60 minutes on 100g gas canister
Output: 1300W / 4500BTU/h
Boiling time for 0.5 litre of water: 2.5 minutes 
Volume: 0.8 litre
People: 1-2
Ignition: Manual
Fuel: Propane/Butane
Gas canister included: No
Contents: Burner, 1000ml FluxRing pot, insulating sleeve, gas canister stabiliser, plastic lid/colander, plastic measuring cup
Colour: Carbon
Made in: China



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