BioLite Firepit+

BioLite Firepit+ provides almost smokeless combustion on a raised platform for controlled campfires and beach BBQs. 

The main body of these fire pits are manufactured from steel coated in a high temperature resistant enamel. The multi-functional combustion chamber can accommodate both logs and charcoal. For warmth projection, the adjustable fuel rack can be lowered to provide space for burning logs, with the heat radiated evenly along the width of the fire pit due to the x-ray mesh sides. If you higher the fuel rack, charcoal can be used to transform it into a portable hibachi-style grill, complete with removable cooking grate. 

What sets this firepit apart from other cheaper brands is the patented airflow technology. An integrated electronic fan injects air into the combustion pit from 51 strategically placed jet holes. This not only provides a more intense burn due to more oxygen being present, but also circulates gases to provide a more even combustion, reducing the level of smoke generated. The three fan speeds can be controlled from the powerpack or remotely from your phone via the BioLite Energy App for Android and iOS. 

On low, the rechargeable battery pack for the fan can last up to 30 hours, on high 7 hours. To recharge it, it can easily be removed and plugged in to a power source using the USB cable. 

*Please note: The Firepit+ does not feature a thermoelectric generator to produce electricity from the heat of the fire, and so cannot recharge the fan battery nor other electronic devices. .


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BioLite Firepit+

Smokeless family campfires and BBQs 

Brand: BioLite

Version: FPA0201

Battery:12,800 mAh

Burn time: Fan low - 30 hours / Fan medium - 14 Hours / Fan high: 7 hours

Weight: 8.98kg / 19.8 lbs

Dimensions legs unfolded: 686 x 330 x 401mm

Fuel: Firewood or charcoal

Contents: BioLite FirePit+, grill grate, fuel rack, USB A to Micro USB Cord

Colour: Black

Made in: China



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