Product Reviews

Why Leave A Review?
Product reviews, whether good or bad, help visitors make an informed decision before buying an item. As a company we can shout as much as we like about how good a product is, but reviews detailing real life experiences are more valuable to our potential customers. Product reviews also help us improve our products and services, so please do not be afraid to leave a suggestion for a product.

Account Registration
To leave a product review you will first need to register with our site. At the top of the screen on the right hand side is greyed out text that reads 'register'. If you click on this word you will be redirected to a page where you can register an account with us. It is really simple to complete and only requires your name, email address and a password. If you have already bought an item from our store then you have already created an account.

Leaving A Review
Once registered all you need to do is login to your account and then click on the product you want to review. Underneath the product description is a text box called 'PURCHASED THIS PRODUCT?'. Just click on the red *SUBMIT A REVIEW box and follow the instructions.

Every review is sent for approval before going live on the site. Any review that uses abusive language or is deemed inappropriate will be removed.

Win £250 Of Vouchers
As a thank you for taking your time to leave a product review, we will enter your details in to our monthly draw for a chance to win £250 of Sub Zero Store vouchers. Multiple reviews are allowed and will be entered in to the draw separately, but they must be for different products. Winners will be contacted via email and also announced on our social media sites.