Care for your Snugpak sleeping bag is easy, with the option of hand washing or using a washing machine. Comprehensive care instructions are provided on the sewn-in care label, usually found along one of the inner seams.

To preserve the thermal efficiency and structure of the insulation/filling, it's recommended to avoid frequent washing, particularly with a washing machine. Instead, consider gently sponging both inner and outer fabrics with soap and water. Afterward, ensure thorough drying and airing of the sleeping bag before storing it back in its compression sack.


For machine washing, follow these guidelines for optimal results:

  1. Zip up the sleeping bag, making sure any draw-cords are fully inside the machine and not caught in the door before starting the wash.
  2. Use a cool and gentle setting (never exceeding 30°C/86°F) in a front-loading domestic washing machine, as top loaders with agitators can potentially damage the product.

Avoid liquid detergent and fabric softeners, as they may leave residues on the bag. Instead, opt for a low or fragrance-free powder or Tech Wash for cleaning.


Snugpak recommend line drying your sleeping bag as tumble drying can cause heat damage, even on a low-temperature settings.


All Snugpak outer fabrics on their sleeping bag ranges are treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR). This may periodically need re-treating with a suitable aftercare product.


Avoid storing the sleeping bag compressed for extended periods between uses. While sleeping bags are sometimes rolled at the factory for dispatch, it's not recommended to emulate this without special machinery.