Washing instructions for Extremities gloves and mittens can be found on the white silk tag stitched to an inside seam, usually in the cuff. 

Please follow these instructions carefully as failure to comply with them will make your guarantee void. If you have removed the tag or are unsure of the washing symbol meaning, the full washing instructions can be found below.

  • Hand wash in cool water
  • Do not use a detergent
  • Do not tumble dry. These gloves and mittens will dry very quickly on a line or airer as they retain very little water once properly drained. 
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron


When thinking about washing your gloves or mittens, there are a few pre-wash actions that can be taken to make it easier and quicker. Firstly, tip your gloves upside down and give them a good shake to remove any internal debris. If there is thick mud on them, then either wipe it off with a cloth if wet, or try picking it off when dry. 

It may be easier to place your hands inside the mittens or gloves when washing them, gently massaging the fabric to loosen the dirt. If a lot of dirt comes off in the water, change it to prevent dirty water from drying inside the fabric.

Wringing the gloves once they have been  washed is not advised as it can lead to misshaping. A better alternative is to start at the tip of the gloves and apply pressure whilst moving your fingers down towards the cuff to drain the water. You may have to do this a few times . 

If line drying, peg the gloves and mittens from the fingers to prevent pooling of  water in the tips. 

Like most synthetics, Extremities gloves and mittens will melt or burn if exposed to flame or direct heat. They are not flame resistant; do not use them near ANY direct source of heat or flame. .