Terra Nova

How do I clean my bivi bag?
We recommend using a tent cleaner e.g. Storm tent cleaner or pure soap to clean your bivi bag. Wash the item in a bath or tub of warm water. Always rinse the bivi and dry thoroughly in the shade. DO NOT use detergents to clean your bivi as they may harm the proofing and NEVER machine wash or tumble dry your bivi.

There is mildew on my bivi – what should I do?
Mildew (identified by black marks and mouldy smell) occurs when a bivi is put away for storage when it is still damp. Mildew can cause permanent damage to the fabric and proofing, as the microbes actually destroy the fibres in the fabric. Sponge the affected areas with a mild solution of disinfectant, then sponge with a general tent cleaner or soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. (DO NOT USE DETERGENTS). Please note that this will not remove the black marks. In severe cases of mildew the only real solution is to replace the affected part of the bivi with new fabric. To avoid mildew make sure your bivi is thoroughly dry before storing, paying particular attention to webbing straps and zips as these take longer to dry.