Can i buy gas cannisters by mail order?
Canisters that contain compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas under pressure are prohibited from being sent through the postal system.

Can I bring gas canisters on a flight?
It is forbidden to carry flammable fuel on passenger aircrafts in your carry-on or checked luggage. When transporting your fuel bottles during air travel, make sure you empty the bottles of all fuel, wash carefully with soap so no fuel residue remains.

Where do I dispose of used gas cartridges?
Empty cartridges are sorted and recycled as metal. Note that this applies only for cartridges that are empty and punctured. If your cartridge isn't empty, it must be disposed of as hazardous waste. To empty the gas cartridge use a stove or a lantern and puncture with a can opener or similar tool.

Where can I find instructions for my stove?
You can download Primus instructions from the product pages on Sub Zero Store containing a more detailed description of your outdoor stove. There are also instructional videos.

How do I store my stove and fuel pump?
Never store the stove with fuel in the system. Also, make sure that the fuel pump is taken out from the fuel bottle. After you have stored your stove for a long time, always check that O-rings and gaskets are in good condition.

Can I use ETA-pots with other burners?
Eta pots are optimized for use with Eta stoves. If you want to use a non-Eta Primus stove, use a large pot on a large burner and a small pot on a small burner for best efficiency.

My piezo igniter does not work
First, adjust the tip of the piezo so that it is about 5mm away from the burner. If the piezo does not click or has melted please contact us.

My gas stove does not have the same power as it used to
Clean the jet as residue and soot can collect in it and stop the flow of gas. This results in lower or no output. Remove the jet and use a cleaning needle from both sides of the jet.

My multifuel stove does not have the same power as it used to
Double check that you are using the correct jet and fuel. If using liquid fuel, make sure you have sufficient pressure in the fuel bottle. If all the above is correct, remove the jet and clean it using the needle. Also, take out the spindle and clean it to make sure no soot or residue is left. If you have access to pressurized air, use that to clean the tube. To avoid cleaning your stove as much as possible, use a clean fuel like Primus gas or Power Fuel.

My fuel pump is not working
If the pump does not pressurize the fuel bottle, check the leather gasket by opening the pump from the top, underneath the handle. Remove the rod and inspect the leather gasket. Make sure it’s greased and big enough to fill the space in the cylinder. If not, widen the diameter by gently pushing the sides. Use the silicon grease that came with the stove to make it seal better.