We try and provide as much information on our website as we can to enable our customers to make an informed decision on our products and services. There are certain questions that we frequently get asked, which we have compiled in a list below.


Why are there no temperature ratings for your garments?
Any clothing brand that supplies a temperature rating for their garments is basically making it up. There are so many variables that have to be taken in to account- wind speed, outside temperature, relative humidity, activity level, other layers being worn, body type - to name but a few, that it is impossible to provide a catch-all temperature rating.

If you would like help selecting the right garments for your activity or would just like some advice then please contact our technical department on +44 (0)116 2402634 or sales@subzero.co.uk

Why aren't all Sub Zero garments made in Great Britain?
We have been manufacturing in our Leicestershire factory for over 45 years and are very proud to say the vast majority of our products are British made. The small range of products we have produced in Europe is out of necessity, whether that be commercial reality and/or lack of UK based expertise. Everything we make in Great Britain is identified in the product page technical section and via the Made In Britain logo.

The size charts do not match my usual clothing size
Unfortunately clothing sizes are not standardised so each individual brand will have their own specifications. We provide a comprehensive size chart for all our ranges to enable you to choose the correct size and fit. A link to these size charts can be found at the top of the page and also in each individual product listing (if neccessary).

Should i get the next size up if i want to layer your garments?
Our base layers and mid layers are designed to be worn together, so if you are a large say in the Factor 1 Plus base layers then you will also be a large in the Factor 2 mid layers. Our jackets are sized to accommodate base layers and mid layers underneath them, but if you plan to wear more than two layers or a thick jumper then you may want to purchase the next size up.

My garment has shrunk in the wash
All of our fabrics are laboratory tested for shrinkage (amongst other things) before they are shipped to our warehouse. Any batches that are not within industry standard tolerances are failed and scrapped. The average shrinkage tolerance for our ranges is between 1-2% in the first wash. After this they will be stable for the life of the garment. If a garment shrinks in the wash above this tolerance then it will have been washed at the wrong temperature or tumble dried on a hot setting.


How do i access my account with Sub Zero?
If you have already opened an account with us then you can access from the 'Login' link on the top bar to the right of the social media buttons.

I've reset my password but no confirmation email has been received?
This may be down to three possibilities. Firstly, do you actually have an account with us? If you set-up your account before August 2009 or made an order over the telephone then you will not have an account and will need to re-register on our system. The second possibility is that your current email address is not the same as the one you used to register your account. If this is the case then you will need to re-register. If your email address is the same then the third possibility is that the reset email has been sent directly to your spam/junk folder. If you have checked and no reset email is present then please email sales@subzero.co.uk


Can we collect an order in person?
Everybody is welcome to come to our factory and collect their order in person. Just select the 'Collect in Person' option for delivery during check-out. We would appreciate it if you could call us on 44 (0)116 2402634 with details of when you owuld like to collect it so we can get everything ready for you.

Is there tracking for dispatched orders?
If it is a UK standard service (Royal Mail 24/48 post) then we use Royal Mails new Click-And-Drop system. This provides each parcel with a unique 2D barcode that can be used for tracking purposes. At the moment this only works on Royal Mails website once it has been delivered but we are able to access other systems that let us see a parcels progress through their sorting network. All Special orders such as UPS or Royal Mails Guaranteed Next Day and Signed For Service have separate tracking details that we can send you.

Parcels sent outside of the UK use UPS or Royal Mails Tracked-And-Signed service. The tracking codes for these can be used online to view the progress of parcels in almost real-time.

How do i get a VAT receipt for my business?
If you require a VAT receipt then please email sales@subzero.co.uk with your request and we will be happy to produce one for you.

I live outside of the EU, do i still have to pay VAT?
Products shipped outside of the EU do not qualify for VAT. Unfortunately our system at the moment cannot differentiate pricing from inside and outside of the EU. If you are entitled to VAT free shopping then please email us at sales@subzero.co.uk and we will refund the VAT element back to your account.

If i don't complete my order can i access it again
If you have created an account with us and progressed through to the payment stage but failed to check-out, then your order will be held on our system. You can access it by logging in to your account via the login link at the top of each page.

I couldn't pay for my order
If you had problems making a payment through our Sagepay gateway then we can process itthrough our office terminal. Please call us on +44 (0)116 2402634 with your card details.

Am i able to add/remove products from an order after checking out?
Once you have paid for your order then our system does not allow you to amend it online. If it has not been shipped then we can alter it manually. Please contact us on +44 (0)116 2402634 or email sales@subzero.co.uk with your requests.