Unlike most outdoor brands who design garments around mass produced generic fabrics, we use our extensive textile engineering knowledge to design and produce bespoke functional fabrics. If we are unable to We try and use polyamide yarn as much as we can due to its superior characteristics, but sometimes we


We produce this high aerobic and cooling summer base layer range on the latest electronic circular knitting machine using 100% polyamide yarns. To produce garments that have no side seams we must use a different diameter machine for each size. In addition, the computer controlled needle selection allows us to knit in features without seams, such as mesh zones in areas of high perspiration and rib support down muscle groups. The resulting fabric is super soft, lightweight and fast drying. A hydrophilic treatment is impregnated in to the yarn to aid quick moisture movement away from the fabric surface.


Two fabrics are independently knitted side by side and then cross-stitched together. Both are produced from a polyamide yarn that results in a fabric construction that retains very little heat. The hydrophilic treatment actively pulls moist away from the skins surface. The bi-component fabric contruction aids this process as the outer fabric has a much larger surface area than the inner fabric, resulting in quick dispersal and spread on the outer layer. This efficient transport and spread of body moisture on the outer fabric can then use the bodies heat to aid evaporation, thus cooling the body. It has a TOG value of 0.22


This base layer thermal fabric is manufactured from 100% Polyamide yarns and knitted on our own machines in the UK. It produces a very soft lightweight tubular rib fabric 175/m2. The construction allows for a 100% stretch in both fabric directions, enabling a very close fit for most body shapes. It also has a hydrophilic treatment impregnated in to the fabric yarn during the dye process for superior moisture management. It has a TOG rating of 0.42.


This range is knitted on similar electronic circular knitting machines as the All Active and utilises 100% Polyamide yarn. The construction and knit differ as we have greatly increased the weight to produce a seamless thermal base layer range that is slightly warmer than the Factor 1 base layer thermal range. Seamless features that we knit in to this range include stretch rib support on major muscle groups and targeted mesh zones for efficient moisture management.


Our unique mid layer heavyweight thermal fabric is manufactured from 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex for greater stability - stretch and recovery. This tubular plush is a double sided fabric that is heavily brushed on the inside face to produce a deep pile fleece that is tip sheared for uniformity (very efficient at trapping warm air) The outer face of the fabric is knitted to inhibit bobbling and offers protection against wind penetration. The finished weight is 215g/m2. It has a TOG value of 0.72


A tubular interlock fabric manufactured form 100% Meraklon (Polypropylene). The inner face of the fabric is heavily brushed to provide a soft fleece layer next to the skin. Meraklon is naturally hydrophobic (water hating) so does not absorb any moisture. We knit the fabric to a finished weight of 200g/m2.


The garments in this range are manufactured from two different fleece fabrics..

Factor 3 Polyamide: A double sided plush fabric manufactured from 100% Polyamide yarn. Both faces are heavily brushed producing a fabric that is extremely thick and wind resistant. The fabric has a hydrophilic treatment to wick away perspiration and a TEFLON treatment on the outside face to repel dirt, water, oil and other staining liquids without compromising either the look or the feel of the fabric. It has a TOG value of 2.1

Factor 3 Polyester: Manufactured from 100% Polyester 300gsm super soft fleece. The outside face of the fabric has an anti-pill finish whilst the inner face has a heavily brushed fleece finish that is extremly comfortable to wear next to the skin. The combination of these two finishes produces a fabric that is very warm and very durable.


Both woven fabrics that make up this soft shell fabric are manufactured from 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane, giving the finished fabric a soft handle as well as a level of stretch. The outer layer has a soft peached finish whilst the inner layer has a micro fleece finish for extra insulation. A breathable membrane is used to bond these two fabrics together, producing a fabric that is waterproof, insulating, with excellent moisture management.