Sun Protection

We all know that a little bit of sun is good for you, but as with everything, too much can be detrimental. Without protection, the suns UV rays will damage your skin, leading to sun burn and potentially skin cancer. Using a broad spectrum sun cream suitable for the length of time you are going to spend in the sun and tailored to your skin type, will help you stay safe outside. If you should get sun burnt or your skin has dried in the sun and surf, then moisturisers and after sun cream and lotions are ideal for re-hydrating skin and reducing inflammation and tenderness. The other issue with staying out in the sun unprotected is the potential to contract heat stroke. Being upright animals, the tops of our heads receive the most sun. Wearing a sun hat during the hottest part of the day will provide shade to your crown and also help protect extremities that are difficult to fully apply sun cream to, such as tops of ears and your scalp. The last part of the body to protect from the sun , and ones that are often overlooked, are the eyes. Long term exposure to UV radiation can damage the internal mechanisms, potentially leading to cataracts and macular degeneration. To combat this, you need to wear sunglasses that block UV rays and protect against HEV rays. The choice of frames can also add to the effectiveness of the sunglasses, with the close-fitting wraparound designs being the best as they limit the amount of stray light reaching the eyes from around the lenses.