Pyramid Safe Hydrate Filtration Drinking Bottle 650ml

Pyramid Safe Hydrate Filtration Drinking Bottles provides instant fresh clean drinking water on the move and has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories for its effectiveness. 

The lightweight BPA free low density polyethene bottle has been designed to fit in to standard cup holders and bike cages, and is ergonomically shaped to be held safely in your hands when drinking from it - A looped plastic finger folder on the neck of the bottle can also be used for kit attachment. The soft silicon drinking spout is protected by a sturdy hinged protective cap to help prevent contamination. and can be removed easily from the filter for a more thorough clean if necessary.

Within the filter itself you have three different processes providing clean drinking water at a high flow rate. Electro-Positive Absorption Technology uses charged micro-glass fibres to “pull” organisms as small as bacteria and protozoa out of the water flow, whilst sub-micron carbon particles reduce chlorine and harmful chemicals, bad tastes and odours. MiraguardTM Antimicrobial Technology supresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, and mould and mildew within the filter media. 

Once the filter life (380L) expires the bottle simply stops working, assuring that you never drink untreated water through the system.  

Instructions for use: When filling your bottle from a water source please ensure there is as little debris or particulate matter within it as possible as this will affect the effectiveness of your filter. Straining the water through a piece of fine woven cloth first helps to remove the vast majority of matter. 

Remove the cap filter from the bottle by unscrewing it. Fill the water to approximately 35mm below the top and screw the cap back on. Open cap cover and sip water through the silicon valve. To accelerate the flow, squeeze the valve gently with your teeth.

Please Note: This filter will not work with sea water.



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Filtration Drinking Bottles

Filter any water source no matter where you are

Made in: Great Britain

Brand: Pyramid

SKU: SI801

Filter capacity: 380 litres / 580 refills

Bottle capacity: 650ml

Flow rate: 200-800ml/minute

Dishwasher safe: Bottle and cap - not filter mechanism

Dimensions: 250 x 70 x 70mm

Weight: 175g / 6.2oz

Colour: Opaque with blue and black detail

Complies with standards: NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, NSF/ANSI 372, US EPA


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