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  1. Extreme Winter Sports Travel Insurance

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    Adventure and excitement is now sort after by many travellers which has made activity holidays, winter sports in particular a popular choice for many. In response to this, insurance providers have created what is known as winter sports insurance which is a policy tailored to cover the increased risk associated with these types of activities.

    The nature of winter sports makes it important that you have the best travel insurance. By best we mean a policy that is going to completely cover all your needs at a fair and reasonable price. After all you’ll be wasting your money if you come to make a claim and it turns out you weren’t properly covered for the activities you were doing. If you have a good understanding of what you need to look for in a travel insurance policy and are able to compare different providers then this is quite achievable.

    The first thing you should check is whether the types of activities you’ll be doing are covered in the insurance providers definition of ‘winter sports’, otherwise the policy won’t meet your needs. There are lots of variations that an insurer can have so you may not be covered for what you’d expect to be defined as a winter sport making it important to always check the details of your policy.

    Another important thing to look out for is whether your policy includes cover for your equipment. A general policy will usually cover your personal possessions if there lost or damaged but will rarely cover any specialist sports equipment you may have with you. This is why it’s necessary to have a specialised policy that recognises the activities you’ll be doing.

    Your main focus when looking at a policy for any type of activity where there is an increased risk of you having an accident is the medical cover it provides. This is where a specialist policy comes into it’s own as it will cover your medical expenses that could potentially run into the thousands compared to the relatively low price of a travel insurance policy.

    Specialised insurance policies are now numerous and available for a variety of different activities. Sports cover holiday insurance is another type of policy you may need as it’s aimed at covering you for activities like mountain biking and climbing, sports where the right travel insurance will make a big difference if something were to go wrong. The same basic rules apply for all activity related travel insurance policy but for more information on the different policy types visit

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