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  1. Base Layers and Mid Layers for All Weather Adventures

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    As hot days and light nights give way to autumn, the cooler temperatures offer perfect conditions for sports, challenges and outdoor adventures.

    This seasonal change needn’t put a stop to the things you love. Getting active in the autumn and winter is energising, inspiring and essential for a healthy mind and body.

    Base layers that warm you up while keeping you fresh are an essential part of your winter wardrobe. The right thermal clothing helps keep you active all year round. Combine thermal base layers with mid layers for total protection against the elements.

    Sub Zero Store offer high performance base layers suitable for the autumn and winter months, whether it’s the daily commute, weekend sports or family fun. Sub Zero base layers are also perfect for wearing underneath motorcycle clothing.

    Our wide range of thermal clothing and underwear for adults and children suits all activities and any budget.

    Base Layers for Kids

    Children's Base Layer

    Children’s Base Layer


    Kids’ thermal underwear comes in long or short sleeved tops with a soft fleece lining.

    The base layers have a soft cotton feel but all the benefits of a synthetic fabric, these garments offer comfortable flexibility for action packed adventures.

    From toddlers to teenagers, the weather won’t stop them having fun!





    Base Layers for Adults

    Adult Base Layer

    Factor 1 Adult Base Layer

    For active adults, Sub Zero recommend the Factor 1 base layer thermal and the Factor 1+ seamless thermal underwear range.

    Thermal long sleeved and short sleeved vests and leggings are 100% Polyamide, this soft fabric creates a warm, dry microclimate next to your skin, but at the same time removes perspiration.

    Our seamless option is knitted in a single body section for maximum comfort. With no seams to chafe they are the optimum base layer for active sports such as running, cycling, skiing and more.

    Starter Adult Base Layer

    Starter Adult Base Layer




    Sub Zero offer the Factor 1 Starter Base Thermal Underwear for more leisurely pursuits such as dog walking, gardening and every day activities.

    This base layer range offers excellent value for money and is great for those who are new to cold weather outdoor activities. Short sleeved and long sleeved vests and leggings have a soft, fleece inner face for extra warmth.




    Mid Layer Clothing

    Turtle Neck Mid Layer

    Turtle Neck Mid Layer

    For very cold temperatures you may need to combine base and mid layers. Layering clothes traps air against your skin for maximum comfort and prolonged warmth. A well-fitting combination will keep you warm and move with your body giving you complete flexibility for any activity in cold climates.

    Sub Zero’s extensive mid layer range of clothing includes long sleeved and short sleeved tops, leggings and an all in one.


    Finish your base layer combinations off with our stylish outer layer range, which includes fleeces, waterproof jackets, down jackets, hats, gloves and thermal socks and get ready for a truly memorable autumn!


  2. Suggested Kit For Hill Walkers By The BMC

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    The BMC has a suggested kit list for hill walkers:

    Map and compass

    Torch, plus spare battery and bulb


    Walking boots and socks

    Shorts / trousers

    Wicking baselayer

    Insulating midlayer

    Fleece jacket

    Waterproof jacket

    Waterproof overtrousers

    Hat and scarf

    Gloves / mittens





    Emergency food

    Sunhat / sunglasses / sunscreen

    Insect repellent (seasonal)

    Spare gloves

    Spare socks


    Mobile phone

    First aid kit

    Bivi bag

    Group shelter

    Trekking poles (optional)


    Photo: BMC

  3. Saving Lives With Last Minute Christmas Shopping At Sub Zero Store

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    Are you stuck for ideas for stocking fillers or what to get your loved ones for Christmas? If so, Snowdonia’s Mountainsafe initiative has come up with its ‘Top 5 Christmas Gifts’, which, used correctly, could save lives.


    Mountainsafe’s Top 5 Gifts are:

    1.    Torch and batteries: Rescue teams are often called to assist casualties who have miscalculated the duration of their walk and are caught out by the shortness of daylight. Carrying a torch is essential because the days are at their shortest over the Christmas period.

    2.    Hat: It is recognised that over 20% of body heat is lost through the head, therefore, as the weather becomes colder, a warm hat should be an essential item.

    3.    Gloves: the main function of cold weather gloves is to keep the hands warm and dry. Dexterity should be a consideration, along with keeping hands warm for several hours at a time.

    4.    Walking Poles: Using a pair of walking poles eases the strain on the knees particularly when walking down a mountain. However, using poles when walking over snow and in particular icy patches on well trodden paths, can prove useful in avoiding slips and tumbles and any potential injuries.

    5.    Winter skills courses: An ice axe and crampons are also essential pieces of equipment for those venturing to areas covered in snow. More important, however, is knowing how to use them safely. There are many professional instructors and outdoor centres based in Snowdonia who can provide excellent instruction in their use.


    On behalf of Mountainsafe, Llanberis Rescue Team Chairman, John Grisdale said, “It’s important to respect the mountains whatever the season. However, winter can be less forgiving, and as all hill sheep farmers will confirm, conditions in the hills can be arctic and change rapidly. Those venturing on the mountains should be adequately shod and clothed for the prevailing conditions and checking the weather forecast for the day is always a wise decision. In addition, those venturing to the high snow clad summits should possess winter equipment such as ice axe and crampons and know how to use them. These high excursions can be very demanding and only the experienced should venture on to steep ground covered in snow and ice.”

    Careful planning is always recommended before venturing into the mountains.  Researching the route thoroughly beforehand is highly advised, including finding out what the conditions on the ground are before setting out. It is also important to check the weather forecast. The bilingual Twitter service @eryridiogel in Welsh and @safesnowdonia in English tweet any change in ground conditions, weather information, general advice on walking in the mountains and also highlight good examples of mountaineering. Recently, grid reference markers have been placed on pre-existing stiles and gates in Snowdonia to help temporarily disorientated walkers to pinpoint their position.

    Of course, you’ll need a rucksack to carry the extra kit you’ll need for winter walking including spare clothing. Check out the options available in thermal base layers, mid layers and soft shell clothing as well as safety and survival gear

    Photo caption: Yr Aran and the path from Rhyd-ddu; Copyright - JohnGrisdale


  4. Sub Zero Store Returns And Exchange Policy Extended For Christmas

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    With people wanting to buy gifts for loved ones at Christmas, we have made life easier by extending our returns and exchange policy for any orders placed in December to 45 days. So why not buy a set of thermal base layers to take away the winter chill or a lovely down duvet jacket for walks in the snow. As with all Sub Zero garments we will exchange different sizes sand colours free of charge to any UK address. For full details of our returns and exchange  conditions please click here.


  5. Top Tips For Winter Adventure Holidays

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    Choosing A Winter Adventure Holiday Company

    Many of us dream at some point in our lives about starting a never-ending winter adventure travel trip or expedition but reality means we have to pick an adventure that fits into holiday time. We can sort you out with thermal clothing, hats and gloves, down sleeping bags and all the other outdoor winter gear you’ll need. With so much depending on getting the best experience from the limited time, it makes sense to book a trip with a winter adventure holiday specialist company. There are hundreds of them to choose from and making a decision can seem like something of a lottery so don’t be drawn in by stunning winter scene photos alone but keep your feet on the ground and bear in mind the following questions when you’ve narrowed your choice:

    • How long have you been operating holidays in this area?
    • Do you run your own tours or use local companies?
    • How much notice will I get if I book a trip and no one else does so it’s cancelled?
    • Can you put me in touch with others who did the same trip recently?
    • Who usually takes your trips – age/gender?
    • What is your usual group size?
    • What is your guide-to-guest ratio?
    • Are the company’s owners active in day to day operations?

    When you’ve decided on a company and are considering a specific trip, check out the following:

    • How long have you been running this itinerary?
    • Exactly what is included/not included?
    • Where does the trip start and end? How do I get there?
    • Can you describe a typical day?
    • How physically demanding is the trip?
    • What happens to me if I’m not fit enough – generally or on a particular day?
    • What are the accommodation and facilities like?
    • Can you cope with specific dietary needs on this trip?
    • Who will the guides be and how good is their English?
    • How long have they been leading this trip?
    • What happens if I’m taken ill on this trip?
    • What outdoor kit is supplied and what do I need to bring with me?


  6. Top Tips For Winter Walking

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    Walking in Winter Is Not All About Mountains And Snow

    In fact, the key weather considerations in most of the winter are wind and rain – a bit like summer! We’ve got some handy hints to help keep you comfortable and safe – pass them on.

    • Don’t charge off at speed – build up your pace gradually to give your muscles a chance to stretch and warm up.
    • Be aware of the surface – winter tracks and paths can be deceptively icy.
    • Carry water – dry winter air is dehydrating and you may be sweating without realising it.
    • Be visible – if you’re returning on country lanes as the light fades, consider hanging a reflective band or light/torch from your rucksack.
    • Wear layers – three layers of thermal clothing (base layers, mid layers and water/windproof outer layer) allows you to adjust how warm you are as weather conditions and and your exertion rate change.
    • Avoid cotton – it soaks up and retains moisture; you’ll feel cold and uncomfortable. Our clothing offers fast wicking, quick drying, flexible warmth options.
    • Wear thermal gloves and a thermal hat – for overall comfort and reducing heat loss. A light scarf or thermal neck tube helps conserve body heat and can be used over your mouth and nose when the wind chill really bites.
    • Consider carrying a pair of lightweight crampons and ice axe (learn how to use them properly) if you’re heading into the hills; ice grips are handy, lightweight and can be useful in town as well.
    • Navigation – be aware of where you are and where you’re going. You don’t need to be high in the hills to get lost and into trouble. Always take a map and compass as back-up.


  7. Thermal Underwear for the Snow

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    With sub zero temperatures and snow enveloping the country a good set of thermal underwear is a necessity to keep you warm and dry if venturing outside. Sub Zero manufacture performance warm clothing in a range of weights and styles to allow you to work rest and play in the coldest of conditions.

    Factor 1 Thermal Underwear Base Layer

    Factor 1 garments by Sub Zero are one of the most technical range of base layers available. They are manufactured from a lightweight rib 100% Polyamide fabric designed to be worn next to the body. Each fibre is impregnated with a hydrophilic finish that transports moisture away from the skin and disperses it over a large area of the outer layer of the fabric so it can easily evaporate. This provides a warm dry micro-climate next to the skin that gives you greater performance and activity longevity. An ideal thermal base layer system for cycling, walking & hiking, skiing, running, golf and climbing.

    Factor 1 long sleeve thermal base layer top by Sub Zero

    Factor 1 long sleeve thermal base layer top by Sub Zero

    Factor 1 Plus Thermal Underwear Base Layer

    Factor 1 Plus thermal base layers by Sub Zero are manufactured using the latest seamless technology. Instead of the traditional cut and sew technique for adding features, the machines we employ can knit in the desired attributes without seams. This eliminates rub points and possible stitch weakness in the garment. The Factor 1 Plus range of base layers are produced from lightweight 100% Polyamide yarn, that produces a super soft fabric that is easy to care for and long lasting. In addition, each fibre is impregnated with a hydrophilic finish that transports moisture away from the skin and disperses it over a large area of the outer layer of the fabric so it can easily evaporate. This provides a warm dry micro-climate next to the skin that gives you greater performance and activity longevity. An ideal thermal base layer system for cycling, walking & hiking, skiing, running, golf and climbing.

    Factor 2 Thermal Underwear Mid Layer

    Factor 2 heavyweight thermal mid layer range has been uniquely developed by Sub Zero over the past 15 years. We have specially developed and manufactured our double sided Factor 2 fabric with a harder wearing anti-pill outer surface and a super soft brushed fleece inner. Factor 2 thermal underwear mid layers can be worn on their own or on top of our Factor 1 thermal underwear base layers when the temperature plummets.

    The two main functions of Factor 2 garments is to transport perspiration away from your skin, or the surface of Factor 1 base layer garments, to its outer surface to disperse. At the same time the inner brushed fleece surface traps warm air to insulate the body keeping it dry, cosy and a comfortable even temperature. Each fibre is impregnated with a hydrophilic finish that transports moisture away from the skin and disperses it over a large area of the outer layer of the fabric so it can easily evaporate.

    A further advantage of the fabric is that it does not compress under pressure. This is essential if it is being worn under a dry suit as your insulating layer stays the same thickness no matter how deep you dive.

    The Factor 2 thermal mid layer range is regarded as one of the warmest undergarments available on the market today.

    Factor 2 heavyweight thermal underwear by Sub Zero

    Factor 2 heavyweight thermal underwear by Sub Zero

  8. New Thermal Fleece Winter Hats by Sub Zero

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    A good quality fleece hat is an essential piece of warm clothing kit in cold winter conditions. Sub Zeros new range of Factor 3 fleece hats are manufactured from 100% Polyester 300gsm super soft fleece. The outside face of the fabric has an anti-pill finish whilst the inner face has a heavily brushed fleece finish that is extremely comfortable to wear next to the skin. The combination of these two finishes produces a fabric that is very warm and very durable.

    The fabrics high wind resistance and excellent thermal properties makes it ideal for wearing in very cold environments such as polar expeditions and winter mountaineering. Use in combination with your thermal base layers and thermal mid layers for ultimate protection from the cold.

    New Thermal Fleece Winter Hat Range

    Thermal Fleece Balaclava – Contoured face and neck to protect your chest, neck, cheeks, chin and forehead from the cold.

    Thermal Fleece Beanie Hat – Double thickness headband for extra forehead protection

    Thermal Fleece Beanie Hat with Ear Guards – Similar to the fleece beanie hat but with the addition of fleece ear flaps and a soft chin strap for extra wind protection.

    Thermal fleece winter beanie hat with ear guards by Sub Zero

    Thermal fleece winter beanie hat with ear guards by Sub Zero

    Thermal fleece winter balaclava by Sub Zero

    Thermal fleece winter balaclava by Sub Zero

    Thermal fleece winter beanie hat by Sub Zero

    Thermal fleece winter beanie hat by Sub Zero

  9. Lightweight Backpacking Top 10 Kit Tips for Autumn

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    Does the thought of lugging around a huge heavy pack this Autumn put you off planning a weekend away? If so then maybe lightweight backpacking is for you.  Making just a few changes in your choice of kit and creative thinking can drastically reduce the final carrying weight of your rucksack.

    10 ways to reduce the weight of your backpack

    1. Frugality – It sounds like common sense but before you pack something ask yourself  “do I really need this?”.
    2. Multifunction – Take pieces of kit that can perform more than one function. For example a candle can be used for light, a waterproofing agent and a fire starter
    3. Go titanium –  It’s 45% lighter than steel but just as strong.  Don’t be put off by the price, it will pay for itself in the long run and your back will thank you for it.
    4. Titanium spoonfork

      Titanium spoonfork

      Sleep light – Take a sleeping bag that is suitable to the prevailing weather conditions.  The difference in weight between a 3 season sleeping bag and a 4 season sleeping can be considerable. If it does get colder than expected wear your clothes to bed.

    5. Cooking – Do you really need lots of pots and pans on your trip? A small pan can easily take the place of a mug or bowl. Why take a full cutlery set when your fingers and a Titanium Spoonfork will suffice. Again go titanium to save on weight.
    6. Clothing – It is always advisable to take 2 sets of clothes, one to wear and one as a spare so be selective in what you take. A long sleeve thermal base layer can double up as a t-shirt if it gets too warm by rolling up the sleeves. They also make ideal pyjamas if the nights are cool.
    7. Titanium Tent Pegs

      Titanium Tent Pegs

      Shelter – There are lots of very lightweight tents available on the market these days. If your budget does not stretch that far then buy a tent that has a separate fly sheet. On milder weekends you need only take the outer sheet to pitch. Replace heavy manufacturers tent pegs with ultralight titanium tent pegs.

    8. Portion Plan – Work out exactly how much food you are going to need each day. Fat contains double the amount of calories than carbohydrate and  protein. This will allow you to pack enough food using less space and weight.
    9. Heavy water – A weighty essential commodity but you can reduce the amount you need to carry. If you know there are going to be secure water sources along your route then only carry what is needed to see you between these point. Drinking as much as possible at these sources will also reduce the amount you need to carry.
    10. Washing – Is it necessary? Think of all that weight that could be saved if that toiletries bag went missing. Just take a small pack of wet wipes for hygiene.

    Please remember that your safety and well-being is your first priority when considering what to pack in your rucksack.

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