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  1. New All Weather Heavy Duty Survival Space Blanket Now In Stock

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    All Weather Heavy Duty Survival Space Blanket by Grabber Performance Group USA was developed from insulation technology employed in NASA’s Apollo space programme. It will keep you warm, dry and sheltered from the wind if you find yourself in difficulty whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

    These survival blankets are strong favourites with US emergency services, military  and search and rescue teams as they have a multitude of applications other than the standard blanket. They are also make economical sense to have in your kit as they can be re-used time and time again thanks to the durable properties of the composite fabric construction.

  2. New Lifesystems Emergency Survival Shelters Now In Stock

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    Lifesystems have improved on their successful 2012 range of emergency bothy bags with an upgrade of the 2 and 4 man shelters. Not only are these lightweight  survival bothies bigger than last years versions, but they are almost half the price!

    So if you are planning on trekking or hill walking this Easter break then the Lifesystem Bothy Bag should be part of your emergency back-up kit.


  3. Terra Nova Bothy Bags Back In Stock

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    These waterproof and windproof emergency shelters are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for  lightweight backpackers, hill walkers and mountaineers. The Terra Nova Bothy Bags start small at just a 2 man, all the way up to a 20 man for a large party. For the ultra-lightweight conscious the 2 and 4 man bothys come in a superlite version.



  4. First Bushcraft Show In UK

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    The Bushcraft Show will take place in Cumbria from 3 – 5th June 2011 on the edge of Lake Windermere in the YMCA Newby Bridge. Individuals and families have a great weekend in store and can have a go at what they’ve seen Ray Mears tackle. The three day event will be jam packed with amazing activities that will take you, your friends and family on a wood lore and survival adventure. Right from the opening morning, you will be able to try your hand at woodland survival crafts such as trap building and triggers, rope making, bow drilling, stone sharpening. You will pick up loads of new skills – from tracking animals and learning about wildlife trails to identifying the difference between edible and poisonous plants. You will be able to watch and learn from experts on the art of wood carving, stone sharpening, and hide working. What the best bush tucker is and tasty ways to cook it. Become an expert at Basha Coracle making – an improvised boat using a waterproof tarp and items from the surrounding countryside.  Information on The Bushcraft Show including timetables, tickets, courses and accommodation as well as the full entertainment programme is available at

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