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  1. The summer holidays (and the adventures) are just beginning…

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    Explorers big and small, leave your fast food and gadgets at home and experience the ultimate wide screen… the great outdoors!

    Sub Zero can provide all you need for a family camping adventure during the summer holidays, with lightweight, space saving equipment to help max out your space… and your fun… Camp cooking doesn’t have to be all about barbecues. Our extensive range of compact stoves, pots and cooking equipment is affordable, easy to use and will last course after course.  A delicious one-pot feast eaten around the campfire gives you that feeling of excitement that only a true outdoor adventure can offer. If you’re an aspiring outdoor chef but need a splash of inspiration, take a look here.

    The UK is enjoying another hot summer with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, so protection against the sun whether you’re at home or abroad is vital. However, as August and September approach, the overnight temperatures can start to drop. So if you’re camping at this time of year, don’t forget to pack one or two essentials to help you enjoy both hot days and chilly nights. Sunscreen is essential for any type of trip in any climate, whether it’s a beach or mountain holiday. Sub Zero stock a range of premium sun protection creams and lotions for adults and children, offering five star sun protection, with built-in water resistance and even an anti-jellyfish formula. After sun lotion or gel containing Aloe Vera is great for soothing skin if you’ve misjudged the sun.

    Our sleeping bags, mats liners and pillows offer comfort and warmth for a great night’s sleep, so you are refreshed and raring to go and make the most of every day. Compact and lightweight, all of our products are designed to travel with you, so you can pitch whenever and wherever you find that perfect spot.

    If you’re camping with the kids, safety is always on your mind. First Aid kits can be bulky, with lots of what you don’t need, and not enough of what you do need. Sub Zero stock Lifesystems First Aid kits, specifically designed for travel and outdoor pursuits, small enough to carry around, and perfectly stocked for any mishap. Add a torch, multi-tool kit,beach shelter and insect repellent and you’re set up for an all-weather adventure, at home or abroad!

  2. Get Walking Fit In 2013

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    Pull on your boots, pack your rucksack and start planning now to make the most of the UK’s big push for everybody to enjoy walking. If the gym has been your route to fitness, then look outdoors to make the most of what the UK’s countryside can offer. We’ve got all the gear you’ll need to stay warm, comfortable and safe even in the hills.

    Get Walking Week, 4 – 11 May 2013, is Ramblers’ short walks festival designed to help the nation discover the wonder of walking. Get Walking Week is part of 2013’s Britain on Foot campaign which is a year-long call to action to get the British public fitter, healthier and happier in the great outdoors. In Wales during the weekend of 4-6 May, Ramblers Cymru will be hosting the Big Welsh Walk – inspiring families to take to their feet for some quality family fun outdoors.

    In England, Walking for Health, which is hosted by the Ramblers in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, will be inviting people across the country to join short, free and friendly walks with their local schemes, to help them get walking and stay active. It’s England’s national network of health walk schemes, offering free short walks over easy terrain led by trained walk leaders. The brainchild of GP Dr William Bird, who started leading health walks from his surgery in 1996, Walking for Health is now a national programme supporting around 600 local schemes across England that deliver a range of group walks for over 75,000 regular walkers.

    Throughout Scotland, Wales and England, Ramblers’ groups will be extending invitations to join them on a variety of guided walks through countryside, cities and along the coast which are five miles or less. All of the walks will be led by trained walk leaders providing the perfect opportunity to discover the freedom, fresh air and fitness that comes with exploring the great outdoors.

    Photo: Walkers above Croyde Bay, Devon. Credit: Neville Stannikk

  3. Safety Kit To Carry In Your Rucksack

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    In your rucksack, a hot drink, food, snacks, basic first aid kit, survival bag and a head torch (check the batteries) are the bare essentials. A map and compass or GPS should be handy and in use whilst a safety whistle should be easy to reach not buried in a rucksack pocket. It’s worth giving your footwear and clothing a good check – clean, reproof and treat as needed. Plan a walk based on your fitness, realistic speed over the ground, daylight available and, of course, the weather. Let somebody know where you are going and head off for the fun.


  4. Packing Your Rucksack For Autumn Walks

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    Everybody has their own preferences on what to carry for a day’s walking, depending on experience, activity, season and terrain but there are some items that everybody should carry in their rucksack:

    • Spare thermal underwear – it might be mild in the valley but wind and elevation cause the temperature to drop and mountain weather is notoriously fickle, so be prepared.
    • Thermal hat and thermal gloves – great for quickly adjusting warmth and comfort without fuss.
    • Hydration – water bottle and, perhaps, a thermal flask for a hot drink.
    • First aid kit – add any medication you need to the kit and top up items used. Even if you don’t feel the need to carry one, there’s no telling what you might encounter in the hills.
    • Lighting – nobody wants to become benighted on a walk but it happens; carrying a torch or head torch is an essential – make sure to check the battery life.

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