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  1. Lifeventure Wash Cells – New Arrivals

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     Lifeventue Wash Cells are the new funky coloured toiletry bags that everybody is talking about. Gone are the days of the drab old black and brown wash kits . The bright colours of the Lifeventure Wash Cells give your face a gentle wake-up slap on dull mornings, and may even get teenagers washing when camping (although this is still a big ask).

    These Wash Cells are available in three colours: electric green, electric blue and purple.


  2. New Primus Eta Power Pots Now In Stock

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    With Primus Eta pots you reduce your fuel consumption and boiling time by 30 percent compared to conventional pots. The new Eta pots are manufactured from hard-anodized aluminum and feature an integrated heat exchanger, non-stick ceramic coating and a spill-free pouring rim. Other features include capacity markings for accurate measurement, transparent plastic lid with silicone grip and an integrated colander. Everything thought through to improve your outdoor experience! Available in 1, 1.8 and 3 litres.

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