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  1. New Factor 2 Mid Layer Thermal Underwear Range

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    For the 2009 winter season we have redesigned our Factor 2 range of mid layer thermal underwear. The long sleeve and zip turtle tops have beeen contoured along the length of the body to provide a much snugger fit.  We have added a drop back to avoid lower back exposure and added thumb holds near the cuffs. The zip turtle mid layer thermal underwear now has a soft fabric baffle behind the zip to prevent wind penetration. The long john (with fly) and bloo john thermal underwear leggings have also been contoured in the legs so they provide a much more tailored fit. We have removed the double fleece ankle cuff and replaced it with a much lower profile hemmed finish that will reduce boot and shoe pressure. For further details please check out the product description in the mid layer thermal underwear section of our site.

    Thermal underwear mid layer zip turtle by Sub Zero

    Thermal underwear mid layer zip turtle by Sub Zero

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