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  1. Ten Essential Items Of Kit For Summer Hill Walkers

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    With summer around the corner, it’s important not to take the hills for granted when heading off for the day. Britain’s mountain rescue teams advise hill walkers not to drop their guard and make sure they are well-prepared for fast-changing weather, navigation errors and accidents. A key consideration is to pack your rucksack with the ten essentials and always let a reliable person know where you are going and when you expect to return.

    For help from Mountain Rescue, call the Police on 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue

    Ten essentials for hill walkers

    • Map & compass – know how to use them!
    • Whistle – to signal searchers
    • Torch – for path finding and signalling – take spare batteries
    • First aid kit
    • Warm drink and food
    • Windproof and waterproof clothing
    • Hat & gloves
    • Extra warm clothes – fleece is ideal
    • Emergency rations
    • Emergency shelter – survival bag big enough to get into


  2. Terra Nova Bothy Bags Back In Stock

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    These waterproof and windproof emergency shelters are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for  lightweight backpackers, hill walkers and mountaineers. The Terra Nova Bothy Bags start small at just a 2 man, all the way up to a 20 man for a large party. For the ultra-lightweight conscious the 2 and 4 man bothys come in a superlite version.



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