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  1. Plan A Highland Adventure For The Family This Summer

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    More families can now experience the thrill of their own personalised and exclusive Highland adventure – including rock climbing, abseiling, hill walking and ridge walking to wild camping, loch fishing and navigation skills –  in the heart of some of the most stunning landscapes in the north west Highlands of Scotland. New outdoor activity company Highland Adventures based in Ullapool is run by qualified climbing instructor, mountain leader and local mountain rescue team member Ken Keith.

    The company offers families the opportunity to try out a specific activity, or take advantage of a fun Taster Day package which includes a little bit of everything.  Half and whole day activity packages are planned to suit each individual family’s needs, ages and abilities, so no-one gets left out and everyone will finish the day with a sense of achievement.

    The Highlands of Scotland provide a unique rock climbing environment, and the variety of rock types and scale of cliffs can present a challenge for mums, dads and kids alike.  And although families don’t have to be mad to abseil down a sheer cliff face, it certainly helps. The less adventurous can choose a gentle guided walk through scenic glens and smaller hills and learn about the history, geology and wildlife of the area, or try fishing in one of the many stunning hill lochs.

    Spending the night camping out and sleeping under the stars in the wilds of Scotland is likely to appear on many people’s ‘things to do before you die’ lists.  Nothing quite beats sitting beside a remote Scottish loch miles away from anyone and anywhere, with a freshly landed trout sizzling on the frying pan and a dram in hand (adults only!) as the sun sets over the mountain peaks.

    Highland Adventures is currently offering free kids places (under 18s) with two paying adults; B&B and packed lunches are an added option. For further information about all activities and packages visit or contact Ken on 01854 666331.


    As with any activity holiday, you’ll need to be dressed to suit the conditions. In the mountains, that means you should ensure that you pack your rucksack with the following – even in the summer:


  2. Suggested Kit For Hill Walkers By The BMC

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    The BMC has a suggested kit list for hill walkers:

    Map and compass

    Torch, plus spare battery and bulb


    Walking boots and socks

    Shorts / trousers

    Wicking baselayer

    Insulating midlayer

    Fleece jacket

    Waterproof jacket

    Waterproof overtrousers

    Hat and scarf

    Gloves / mittens





    Emergency food

    Sunhat / sunglasses / sunscreen

    Insect repellent (seasonal)

    Spare gloves

    Spare socks


    Mobile phone

    First aid kit

    Bivi bag

    Group shelter

    Trekking poles (optional)


    Photo: BMC

  3. Top Clothing Tips For Outdoor Winter Activities

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    In the depths of winter, it’s obvious to think carefully about dressing for a day in the hills. That’s when snow, cold and wind are on the agenda. However, whilst snow on the tops in summer is highly unlikely, hillwalkers still need to dress sensibly.

    ‘Sensibly’ means much more than avoiding the shorts and sandals scenarios that crop up regularly in mountain rescue stories. It means having a flexible combination of clothing that can cope easily with changing weather conditions and varying levels of exertion, allowing you can be in control of managing your body temperature. Plus, of course, it means being comfortable throughout the day whether slogging up a mountain track or being battered by the wind on an open ridge. The trick is to balance layers to ensure adjustable warmth and protection, levelling out the extremes of over-heating and shivering with cold to achieve a happy equilibrium.

    Being next to your skin, base layers are not just about warmth. By drawing sweat through their fibres to evaporate they avoid becoming damp, cold and uncomfortable. Depending on the time of year, different weights offer a variety of comfort options and, of course, they can be worn on their own in mild conditions. In cold conditions, thermal base layers ensure good retention of body heat. Relatively new, cooling base layers not only whisk sweat away but also help to avoid overheating as they have low heat retention.

    The mid layer is all about insulation, trapping warm air to maintain your core body temperature; options include fleece as well as goose down and synthetic fills, such as Primaloft. Zips allow ventilation and, even on a sunny day, a warm top should packed in your rucksack as a pleasant outlook in the valley could turn out very different a few hundred feet higher up.

    The outer layer protects you from the elements. Rain is the obvious offender but wind can whip heat away and chill you to the bone so being windproof is a key consideration. ‘Softshell’ tops are not completely waterproof but are windproof, stretchy and can cope with a wide range of wet weather.

    If you want to make sure you never suffer from cold feet again then slip on a pair of thermal over socks. Finally, don’t forget hats and gloves. Quickly slipped on and off, they allow conservation or loss of body heat to be adjusted easily. Keep them handy in pockets rather than buried in your rucksack.

    With your plans made and dressed sensibly, don’t forget to let a responsible person know where you’re going and when you expect to return. Let them know when you do get back to avoid needless call-outs for mountain rescue teams.

  4. Polar Fleece Jackets by Sub Zero

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    Sub Zero Polar Thermal Fleece Jackets are manufactured from super warm 300 Polar Polyester fleece. These technical fleece jackets have a velour anti-pill finish on the outside and a deep pile lambswool structure on the reverse for added loft and warmth.  The density of the fleece material also provides high wind resistance and the construction also aids wicking and moisture transportation away form the body.  The long cut of these fleece jackets in combination with the elasticated hem cord will protect your lower back from exposure under active conditions, whilst the two deep pockets give extra protection to the hands.

    Sub Zero has moved away from a Unisex design on these fleece jackets to produce both Male and Female versions. The womens design is more tapered down the sides with more area around the bust, whilst the mens design has a more box shaped construction with wider shoulder panels.

    These high performance polar fleece jackets are ideal for wearing with your thermal underwear as a complete layering system and as an extra insulation layer under waterproof jackets.

  5. 50% Off Sub Zero Fleece Jackets

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    Sub Zero Store are currently selling Sub Zero Professional and Elite jackets with 50% discount.  These Fleece Jackets are manufactured from a heavyweight polyamide double sided fabric that is heavily brushed on both faces providing a large area for body heat to be trapped (insulation). Each fibre is treated with a hydrophilic finish which provides a high level of breathability. The Factor 3 fabric is further enhanced with the addition of TEFLON, which repels both water oil and other stains without changing the quality or look of the material.

    Click on the images below or go to

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Burgundy

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Burgundy

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Pine

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Pine

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Navy

    Sub Zero Factor 3 Professional Jacket Navy

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