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  1. Charity Walks Top Tips

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    Charity Walks may not be overly challenging, but you still need to prepare sensibly before setting off, especially if longer walks are not part of your normal routine.

    Regular walks of a few miles two or three times a week will head off problems if you’re new to walking longer distances for fun and fitness. Do take a few minutes before setting out to stretch muscles and get warmed off. Plus, build up your pace steadily rather than setting off like a rocket – remember the hare and the tortoise!

    Dress sensibly in layers to allow you to regulate how warm you feel as you step out. A key element is a good wicking baselayer to stop sweat evaporating on clammy skin and causing a chilly feeling. An easily adjustable mid layerfor warmth and a wind/waterproof outer layer should ensure you’ll stay comfortable. Don’t forget a hat as sunshine and rain can be expected in the same day in our climate!

    Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly – there are several options for carrying water from bottles to hydration packs.

    Walking briskly in warm weather and being well-hydrated means you should be sweating to help release core body heat. That’s good but can feel uncomfortable. A thin handkerchief soon becomes sopping wet but a small hand towel can be a welcome accessory.

    Suffolk Walking Festival 19th May – 10th June 2012

  2. Mountaineering and Skiing Fitness Specialists

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    Fit For Trips – Get in shape for your next expedition

    Named as one of  Entrepreneur magazines’‘100 Brilliant Companies is Fit for Trips, a pre-travel fitness company that offers customised programs to get travellers in shape for physical adventures such as climbing Kilimanjaro or heli-skiing the Canadian Rockies. Fitness programs are conducted virtually and include videos, charts to track progress, and access to professional fitness coaches – all via the internet and printable or downloadable to portable devices like iPods. Each program is precisely tailored to the type of trip and level of difficulty, whether walking, hiking, paddling, climbing, or other activity. Similarly, being physically prepared for an adventure trip reduces the chances of injury, soreness and fatigue or failure to complete an activity like summiting a mountain. “I founded Fit for Trips to ensure that any traveler with an adventurous desire could fulfill their dream. Our customized programs make it possible for more travelers to go on adventures—and enjoy them beyond expectations,” says founder Marcus Shapiro. For more information on the specialised programs offered, visit the website:

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