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  1. Base Layers and Mid Layers for All Weather Adventures

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    As hot days and light nights give way to autumn, the cooler temperatures offer perfect conditions for sports, challenges and outdoor adventures.

    This seasonal change needn’t put a stop to the things you love. Getting active in the autumn and winter is energising, inspiring and essential for a healthy mind and body.

    Base layers that warm you up while keeping you fresh are an essential part of your winter wardrobe. The right thermal clothing helps keep you active all year round. Combine thermal base layers with mid layers for total protection against the elements.

    Sub Zero Store offer high performance base layers suitable for the autumn and winter months, whether it’s the daily commute, weekend sports or family fun. Sub Zero base layers are also perfect for wearing underneath motorcycle clothing.

    Our wide range of thermal clothing and underwear for adults and children suits all activities and any budget.

    Base Layers for Kids

    Children's Base Layer

    Children’s Base Layer


    Kids’ thermal underwear comes in long or short sleeved tops with a soft fleece lining.

    The base layers have a soft cotton feel but all the benefits of a synthetic fabric, these garments offer comfortable flexibility for action packed adventures.

    From toddlers to teenagers, the weather won’t stop them having fun!





    Base Layers for Adults

    Adult Base Layer

    Factor 1 Adult Base Layer

    For active adults, Sub Zero recommend the Factor 1 base layer thermal and the Factor 1+ seamless thermal underwear range.

    Thermal long sleeved and short sleeved vests and leggings are 100% Polyamide, this soft fabric creates a warm, dry microclimate next to your skin, but at the same time removes perspiration.

    Our seamless option is knitted in a single body section for maximum comfort. With no seams to chafe they are the optimum base layer for active sports such as running, cycling, skiing and more.

    Starter Adult Base Layer

    Starter Adult Base Layer




    Sub Zero offer the Factor 1 Starter Base Thermal Underwear for more leisurely pursuits such as dog walking, gardening and every day activities.

    This base layer range offers excellent value for money and is great for those who are new to cold weather outdoor activities. Short sleeved and long sleeved vests and leggings have a soft, fleece inner face for extra warmth.




    Mid Layer Clothing

    Turtle Neck Mid Layer

    Turtle Neck Mid Layer

    For very cold temperatures you may need to combine base and mid layers. Layering clothes traps air against your skin for maximum comfort and prolonged warmth. A well-fitting combination will keep you warm and move with your body giving you complete flexibility for any activity in cold climates.

    Sub Zero’s extensive mid layer range of clothing includes long sleeved and short sleeved tops, leggings and an all in one.


    Finish your base layer combinations off with our stylish outer layer range, which includes fleeces, waterproof jackets, down jackets, hats, gloves and thermal socks and get ready for a truly memorable autumn!


  2. Thermal Underwear & Accessories for Early Morning Commuting

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    With the summer officially over and the threat of early morning frosts ever present, you would be wise to wrap up warm before attempting your journey in to work. This is especially important  if you are walking or braving the roads on your bicycle.

    Thermal Underwear to Keep You Warm

    The key to keeping warm is to wear a number of thin layers of clothing – the layering system. The idea is to trap layers of warm air inbetween the different layers, as it is the air that is actually the insulator not the fabric. If you get too warm you can easily remove an item of clothing.

    The first thing to remember is not to wear cotton thermal underwear in your layering system. Cotton absorbs many times its own weight in water but requires a lot of energy to release it – this is why you have cotton towels and why it also takes them so long to dry. You may be warm whilst you are walking but as soon as you stop you will start to get very cold as your body heat is used to evaporate the moisture stored within the cotton fabric.

    To keep warm without a chill you want to be wearing synthetic thermal underwear such as Sub Zero Factor 1 base layer.

    Thermal underwear base layer Factor 1 long sleeve unisex top by Sub Zero

    Thermal underwear base layer Factor 1 long sleeve unisex top by Sub Zero

    These are manufactured in the UK from a polyamide yarn that is extremely soft but very durable.  It has a moisture loving treatment impregnated in to the yarn that actively transports moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of your clothing so it can quickly evaporate. If it is really cold then use in conjunction with Sub Zero Factor 2 Mid Layer thermal underwear, one of the warmest thermal underwear ranges available on the market today.

    Stay warm, arrive safely!

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