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  1. Lifesystems Fire Starter & Wetfire Fuel Cubes Now In Stock

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    Lifesystems have updated their extremely popular flint and tinder kit with the 2012 Firestarter Flint. The one handed operation to produce sparks is advantageous during severe weather conditions when you may need to protect your tinder with a cupped hand.  Lifesystems have also introduced the Wetfire cube – a solid paraffin fuel  block that can be lit in both dry and wet weather with a burn time of up to 10 minutes. Both these firelighter options are extremely lightweight and will not take up much room in your pack.


  2. Primus TiTech Ultra Lightweight Titanium Cooking Pots Now In Stock

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    Primus have extended their lightweight cookware pans to include a new range of lidded titanium pots. The Titech range is currently available in two sizes, 0.6 litre and 1.0 litre. These have both been designed to accommodate a gas cartridge and a  small stove, keeping pack size to a minimum.  This is further aided by the  double handles folding back against the body of the pots.

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