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  1. Sea Kayaking In British Coastal Waters

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    Paddling The Waves

    Advice from American sea kayaking specialists Northern Lights Expeditions gives an unusual slant on life on the ocean wave. Sadly, they appear to have shut down back in 2009 but there’s plenty of useful info on the site.

    “Think of sea kayaking as a highly evolved form of backpacking. Unless you enjoy slogging up steep hills with a big load on your back (and many of us do, mind you), sea kayaking is the best way to connect intimately with your natural surroundings. No big backpacks to carry; everything fits comfortably into your kayaks. You can also bring more amenities with you, like propane stoves, cookware, big roomy tents and big comfortable sleeping bags, adding to your comfort level.”


    Sea Kayaking Around The British Isles


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