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  1. Suggested Kit For Hill Walkers By The BMC

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    The BMC has a suggested kit list for hill walkers:

    Map and compass

    Torch, plus spare battery and bulb


    Walking boots and socks

    Shorts / trousers

    Wicking baselayer

    Insulating midlayer

    Fleece jacket

    Waterproof jacket

    Waterproof overtrousers

    Hat and scarf

    Gloves / mittens





    Emergency food

    Sunhat / sunglasses / sunscreen

    Insect repellent (seasonal)

    Spare gloves

    Spare socks


    Mobile phone

    First aid kit

    Bivi bag

    Group shelter

    Trekking poles (optional)


    Photo: BMC

  2. Terra Nova Bothy Bags Back In Stock

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    These waterproof and windproof emergency shelters are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for  lightweight backpackers, hill walkers and mountaineers. The Terra Nova Bothy Bags start small at just a 2 man, all the way up to a 20 man for a large party. For the ultra-lightweight conscious the 2 and 4 man bothys come in a superlite version.



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