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  1. The summer holidays (and the adventures) are just beginning…

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    Explorers big and small, leave your fast food and gadgets at home and experience the ultimate wide screen… the great outdoors!

    Sub Zero can provide all you need for a family camping adventure during the summer holidays, with lightweight, space saving equipment to help max out your space… and your fun… Camp cooking doesn’t have to be all about barbecues. Our extensive range of compact stoves, pots and cooking equipment is affordable, easy to use and will last course after course.  A delicious one-pot feast eaten around the campfire gives you that feeling of excitement that only a true outdoor adventure can offer. If you’re an aspiring outdoor chef but need a splash of inspiration, take a look here.

    The UK is enjoying another hot summer with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, so protection against the sun whether you’re at home or abroad is vital. However, as August and September approach, the overnight temperatures can start to drop. So if you’re camping at this time of year, don’t forget to pack one or two essentials to help you enjoy both hot days and chilly nights. Sunscreen is essential for any type of trip in any climate, whether it’s a beach or mountain holiday. Sub Zero stock a range of premium sun protection creams and lotions for adults and children, offering five star sun protection, with built-in water resistance and even an anti-jellyfish formula. After sun lotion or gel containing Aloe Vera is great for soothing skin if you’ve misjudged the sun.

    Our sleeping bags, mats liners and pillows offer comfort and warmth for a great night’s sleep, so you are refreshed and raring to go and make the most of every day. Compact and lightweight, all of our products are designed to travel with you, so you can pitch whenever and wherever you find that perfect spot.

    If you’re camping with the kids, safety is always on your mind. First Aid kits can be bulky, with lots of what you don’t need, and not enough of what you do need. Sub Zero stock Lifesystems First Aid kits, specifically designed for travel and outdoor pursuits, small enough to carry around, and perfectly stocked for any mishap. Add a torch, multi-tool kit,beach shelter and insect repellent and you’re set up for an all-weather adventure, at home or abroad!

  2. Chamonix Adventure Festival 20-26th August 2012

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    Chamonix Adventure Festival brings together adventurers, explorers, athletes and enthusiasts to showcase their talents through film, photography, art and displays.

    Over 3 nights at the Cinema Vox will be screened the latest adventure and environmental films from across the world. On hand will be the filmmakers, explorers and athletes to share their exploits.

    The Adventure Photo School run by Corey Rich and Scott Willson will be running 2 courses in its second year: a one-day introduction to adventure photography and a three-day more advanced class for those interested in digital SLR photography in the outdoors.

    There will also be a new adventure film school, a three-day course in adventure filming techniques run by local filmmaker Seb Montaz, and award winning mountain filmmaker Paul Diffley.

    All courses are a combination of classroom sessions based at our partner hotel, Hotel les Aiglons, and time spent outside shooting.

    For further details please click here

  3. Mountaineering and Skiing Fitness Specialists

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    Fit For Trips – Get in shape for your next expedition

    Named as one of  Entrepreneur magazines’‘100 Brilliant Companies is Fit for Trips, a pre-travel fitness company that offers customised programs to get travellers in shape for physical adventures such as climbing Kilimanjaro or heli-skiing the Canadian Rockies. Fitness programs are conducted virtually and include videos, charts to track progress, and access to professional fitness coaches – all via the internet and printable or downloadable to portable devices like iPods. Each program is precisely tailored to the type of trip and level of difficulty, whether walking, hiking, paddling, climbing, or other activity. Similarly, being physically prepared for an adventure trip reduces the chances of injury, soreness and fatigue or failure to complete an activity like summiting a mountain. “I founded Fit for Trips to ensure that any traveler with an adventurous desire could fulfill their dream. Our customized programs make it possible for more travelers to go on adventures—and enjoy them beyond expectations,” says founder Marcus Shapiro. For more information on the specialised programs offered, visit the website:

  4. Royal Geographical Society Expedition Planning Weekends

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    Start your expedition journey with the Royal Geographical Society

    Geography Outdoors, at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) with IBG, is a great resource supporting field research, exploration and outdoor learning This year, the annual Explore expedition and fieldwork planning weekend (18-20 November) will be kicked off by the Atlantic Rising team, winners of the RGS-IBG Land Rover ‘Go Beyond’ Bursary. The team travelled around the edge of the Atlantic documenting the effects of sea level rise on coastal communities and will be sharing their stories in an inspiring opening lecture on Friday evening.

    Over the rest of the weekend, over 100 speakers will be hosting a series of lectures, workshops and one-on-one advice desks, offering expertise and inspiration to those looking to carry out their own overseas project. To launch Explore 2011, a new web page, a new facebook fanpage and a new YouTube video have been created. Have a look to find out more.

    New for this year is the ‘Vehicle Safety Course for Expedition Leaders’ – 11 October – organised in association with Fieldskills. The one day workshop aims to give those using vehicles abroad the relevant knowledge to assess and manage vehicle safety and will look at pre-planning vehicle safety, what checks can be done to vehicles in the field and how to develop practical and effective risk management strategies. It is particularly well-suited to group leaders and supervising staff, helping them to recognise and minimise risks associated with the use of vehicles overseas.

    Alongside corporate benefactors Land Rover, the RGS offers a practical two day driver training course covering driving and safety techniques for those undertaking research, expeditions or fieldwork in remote areas 24-25 October and 13-14 December. 2010 participant review:
    “A most enjoyable, informative and practical course, providing a no-nonsense approach to planning and developing safe, off road driving skills.”

    For details of either course, see


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