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BMC Crag Code Of Conduct

The BMC has produced a code of conduct – the Crag Code – to encourage the sustainable use of crags in England and Wales. The code consists of ten important reminders for people visiting our crags – from respecting the rock and other people to keeping to established footpaths and keeping dogs under control. Whilst the majority of climbers and boulderers have a positive attitude towards crag access and protection, the BMC felt a code was needed to help prevent situations whereby access may come under threat.

  • Access: Check the Regional Access Database (RAD) for the latest access information
  • Parking: Park carefully – avoid gateways and driveways
  • Footpaths: Keep to established paths and leave gates as you find them
  • Risk: Climbing can be dangerous, accept the risks and be aware of other people around you
  • Respect: Groups and individuals¬† – respect the rocks, local climbing ethics and other people
  • Wildlife: Do not disturb livestock, wildlife or cliff vegetation; respect seasonal bird nesting restrictions
  • Dogs: Keep dogs under control at all times; don’t let your dog chase sheep or disturb wildlife
  • Litter: ‘Leave no trace’ – take all litter home with you
  • Toilets: Don’t make a mess – bury your waste
  • Economy: Do everything you can to support the rural economy – shop locally


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