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Baselayer Foundations For Comfort Outdoors

At the heart of any performance outdoor clothing system are versatile baselayers worn, closely fitting, next to the skin. Options include long and short sleeve tops, leggings, underwear and one-piece suits. It’s as important for comfort to get the foundations right as it is to find the right insulation and weather protection. Too often, baselayers’ versatilities are under-estimated and they are seen as essential for warmth. However, in hot weather their fast wicking nature means that sweat is dispersed through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly with the result of delivering evaporative cooling thus avoiding clammy skin and damp clothing.  To help you make the right choice, we’ve got some sound advice on what will suit specific activities here. Travellers, too, can benefit from performance fabrics as they avoid the soaking from perspiration that can leave cotton T-shirts wringing wet.

Baselayers are all about comfort and moisture management is key – for warmth or for helping to keep the wearer cool when needed. By wicking away sweat and allowing moisture vapour through, Sub Zero baselayers offer versatile comfort for men, women and children across a wide range of activities in all climates and weather conditions at prices to suit all pockets. Different fabrics in varying weights are used to deliver solutions to all outdoor clothing demands. With flexibility a key consideration, baselayers can also be worn on their own as stand-alone garments. Lightweight, durable and quick drying – key considerations for multi-day trips – a variety of modern synthetic and natural fabrics have helped in reducing the need for kilos of spare clothing and allowing more room for other equipment to extend active trips..

With a wide range of insulation filling options for use a mid layer and flexible outer layer options, there’s a solution available for the challenges posed by most outdoor pursuits and weather conditions.



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