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Emergency Kit For Winter Car Travel

Even when driving a reasonable short distance during the winter months,  you should be prepared for all weather eventualities and keep the following items in your car at all times:

  1. Torch with spare batteries – for inspecting your car and signalling
  2. First aid kit
  3. Necessary medications
  4. Sleeping Bag or Blankets – even a few old newspapers can help to insulate you from the cold
  5. Hat and gloves
  6. Spare clothes  – layers add insulation
  7. Small bag of sand or rock salt – for generating traction under wheels
  8. Small shovel – for clearing away snow from your wheels
  9. Ice scraper or brush
  10. High visibility vest
  11. Jump leads and tow rope
  12. Cards, games and puzzles – keep you and your passengers entertained
  13. High energy food – such as a chocolate bar, nuts, dried fruit
  14. Bottled Water – it may be cold and snowing but you still need to stay hydrated
  15. Filled spare fuel can

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