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Keeping Warm In A Sleeping Bag

Just jumping in to a sleeping bag at the end of a day out on the hills is not necessarily going to keep you warm during the night. Follow our top sleeping bag tips for keeping snug:

  • Sleeping bags are not warm – it is your body heat that warms the air in the insulating fill.
  • The warmer you are when you get your head down, the faster your bag will warm up.
  • Spread out your sleeping bag when the tent is pitched so it can loft fully.
  • Sleeping bags liners will extend comfort ratings.
  • A hot meal will boost your body temperature as will even a short walk.
  • We breathe out a lot of moisture so, as all fills start to lose their performance when damp, avoid burrowing into your bag; make sure the hood is held snug around your ears.
  • Wear fresh socks to bed; a pair used only for bedtime.
  • Wear baselayer top and leggings will not only help in staying warm, they’re appreciated if you have to get up in the night. Keep a warm jacket handy.
  • Have a warm hat handy.
  • Air your bag each day to avoid damp building up and reducing its insulating value.


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