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Top Tent Pitching Tips

Pitching a tent in the correct location can make all the difference between getting a good nights sleep and having a complete nightmare. Follow these top tent pitching tips for a peaceful and comfortable slumber:


  • If you have never pitched your tent before always have a dry run in your garden to iron out any problems
  • There’s something quite relaxing about camping near water but beware of mosquitoes and boggy ground
  • If you cannot find some shelter behind a rock, wall or hedge, pitch your tent so the entrance faces away from the prevailing wind
  • If there is dry vegetation or leaves on the ground, pack it under your groundsheet for a free natural mattress
  • Try to avoid pitching in a dip in the ground or at the bottom of a slope – rainwater runoff and cold air creeping downhill may disrupt a good night’s sleep
  • Avoid pitching under a tree – unlikely though a lightning strike or falling branch might be, the drips from above will drive you mad long after rain has stopped
  • Try and pitch on level ground, otherwise you may wake up scrunched in the corner
  • Check the ground for rocks and holes masked by grass or vegetation. These can damage your ground sheet and will be uncomfortable if laid upon.

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