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Top Travel Tips For Winter Sports Festivals

If you’re heading abroad to a winter sports festival this year, make sure you take note of the following points to help you have fun and a trouble free trip!

  • Take out travel insurance: make sure you are fully covered for the activities you are planning and for any unexpected losses or expenses such as missing flights, particularly if you are travelling on ‘discount tickets’. It won’t break the bank and it will put your mind at rest!
  • Passports: It’s all too easy to lose your passport at a festival, so keep it in a secure location ideally behind lock and key. If this isn’t possible, keep it on you securely. Keep a separate record of your passport details, preferably a photocopy of the details pages with next of kin contact details or upload a scan to a secure online safe before you leave. Report lost or stolen passports to the local police immediately.
  • Beware of bag and mobile phone snatchers especially in chalets, on the slopes, public transport, restaurants, cafes ad at the festival. Report the loss of any valuables to the local police and obtain a written police report.
  • Drink & Drugs: know your limits. Penalties for drug possession can be severe, with heavy fines or imprisonment. Don’t carry anything through customs for anyone else.
  • Visas: find out what visas are required for your visit. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have advice for every country in their travel advice by country section
  • Local Emergency Services. Wherever you are in the European Union you can always reach them (ambulance, police, fire brigade) by calling 112 from any mobile or land-line.
  • British Embassy/Consulate: Before you travel, note down the number of your nearest British embassy or consulate


It’s worth spending a few moments sorting out your holiday plans now. If something goes wrong… it can not only be very expensive but it can follow you back home. Make these simple preparations, sit back and wait for the fun to begin!

For more information on winter sports travel, visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for additional travel details and country specific information.


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