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Top Ten Eco Cooking Tips From Primus

Ten Tips That Make  A Difference

1. Use a lid – it makes boiling quicker.

2. It is best to use an aluminium cooking pot with a heat exchanger. Used together they reduce boiling times and fuel consumption by around a third.

3. Choose food that cooks quickly. Food like spaghetti or other thin pasta.

4. Small pieces are better. It is quicker to cook food that has been divided into small pieces.

5. Do not cook the food completely. Let the food finish cooking in the after-heat, which you can do in an insulation bag.

6. Reduce the output. Use a maximum of around ¾ of the stove’s output as this will make best use of the energy.

7. Protect the stove from the wind. Shelter it from the wind and use a windscreen.

8. Gas is good. Gas does not need any preheating and is more efficient than liquid fuel.

9. Save on heat. If you have any hot water left over, save it in a vacuum bottle for your next meal.

10. The right combination gives the best effect. Do not use a small pot on a large burner. It is best to make sure that you have the right burner for the right size pot.



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