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Ski Safety Tips On The Piste

The International Ski Federation’s rules of conduct

For all mountain users, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has ten rules for skiers/ snowboarders to help everyone stay safe on the slopes. They should be followed at all times.


1. Respect: Do not endanger others.

2. Control: Adapt the manner and speed of your skiing to your ability and to the general conditions on the mountain.

3. Choice of route: The skier/snowboarder in front has priority – leave enough space.

4. Overtaking: Leave plenty of space when overtaking a slower skier/snowboarder.

5. Entering and starting: Look up and down the mountain each time before starting or entering a marked run.

6. Stopping: Only stop at the edge of the piste or where you can easily be seen.

7. Climbing: When climbing up or down, always keep to the side of the piste.

8. Signs: Obey all signs and markings – they are there for your safety.

9. Assistance: In case of accidents provide help and alert the rescue service.

10. Identification: All those involved in an accident, including witnesses, should exchange names and addresses.


If you are unfortunate to be injured in an accident or witness an accident, there are a few pointers which will help:

Assisting in case of an accident

• Secure the accident area

• Protect with crossed skis or planted snowboard above the injured person. If necessary post someone to give warning

First Aid – assess the general condition of the casualty

• Airway – check it is clear

• Breathing – check for breathing

• Circulation – check for pulse. Cover any wound and apply firm pressure

• Provide warmth – A silver space blanket or warm jacket placed over the casualty is ideal.  Give them nothing to eat or drink, especially alcohol

Alert the rescue service

• Place of accident (piste name and nearest piste marker)

• Number of people injured

• Type of injury

Establish the facts of the accident

• Names and addresses of people involved and of witnesses

• Place, time and circumstances of accident

• Terrain, snow conditions and visibility

• Markings and signs

• Report to the police as soon as possible

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