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Our Top Tips For A Healthy Happy Outdoor Christmas Holiday

Lace up your walking boots, pack your rucksack with a healthy lunch, wrap up warm (we have everything you need!) and head off for some fresh air on foot.

Even better, pack your camping gear and book a pitch for a spot of Christmas camping. Earlier this year, WWF-UK published Livewell which showed how people could eat in a way that was good both for them and the environment. Now, Livewell’s five Christmas ambassadors present their top tips to make festive fare healthy for you and the planet:

Good King Waste-less – “Up to 30% of what is brought home is wasted. Get creative with leftovers so your pennies and food provisions stretch even further.”
Peas on earth – “Enjoy more seasonal fruit and vegetables such as spuds, parsnips and brussels sprouts.”
The Gutcracker – “Eat less processed food as they often contain high levels of tummy-tubbing sugar, fat and salt. They also tend to be far more resource-intensive to produce.”
Christ our savor-er – “Relish each mouthful of your Christmas turkey or ham and try to have modest portions of seasonal meats so that they are a tasty complement to your meal. That way, you can enjoy all the trimmings, too!”
Scroogetinise – “Try to eat certified food, stuff that meets a credible certified standard – like from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for fish, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) for palm oil or RSPCA Freedom Foods for meat and eggs.”

And the icing on the Christmas cake?

By following these simple steps, ‘YULE’ be helping to avoid climate change (food is responsible for 30% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions), conserving ecosystems on which precious wildlife depend (orang-utans and armadillos whose habitats are being cleared for palm oil and soya plantations will be particularly grateful), and improving your family’s health and well-being with nutritious and delicious meals. Duncan Williamson, sustainable consumption programme manager at WWF, says, “Christmas is the season of good will to all. And that includes nature. So set aside those miserable low-carb diets and go low carbon instead. Our Livewell Christmas launched with a traditional Christmas menu and shopping list, that includes all the good stuff like turkey, nuts, bacon, cheese, sprouts and pudding. This really is a low-carbon healthy week of food that the whole family can en-joyeux over Nöel!”. WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, with more than five million supporters and a global network active in more than one hundred countries. It’s working to create solutions to the most serious environmental issues facing our planet, so that people and nature can thrive. Find out more about WWF’s work, past and present, at

For more information:

Visit Eat Seasonably ( for information about what fruit and veg is in season now.

Visit Wrap ( to learn how to reduce the amount of food you waste.


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