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Top Tips For Winter Walking

Walking in Winter Is Not All About Mountains And Snow

In fact, the key weather considerations in most of the winter are wind and rain – a bit like summer! We’ve got some handy hints to help keep you comfortable and safe – pass them on.

  • Don’t charge off at speed – build up your pace gradually to give your muscles a chance to stretch and warm up.
  • Be aware of the surface – winter tracks and paths can be deceptively icy.
  • Carry water – dry winter air is dehydrating and you may be sweating without realising it.
  • Be visible – if you’re returning on country lanes as the light fades, consider hanging a reflective band or light/torch from your rucksack.
  • Wear layers – three layers of thermal clothing (base layers, mid layers and water/windproof outer layer) allows you to adjust how warm you are as weather conditions and and your exertion rate change.
  • Avoid cotton – it soaks up and retains moisture; you’ll feel cold and uncomfortable. Our clothing offers fast wicking, quick drying, flexible warmth options.
  • Wear thermal gloves and a thermal hat – for overall comfort and reducing heat loss. A light scarf or thermal neck tube helps conserve body heat and can be used over your mouth and nose when the wind chill really bites.
  • Consider carrying a pair of lightweight crampons and ice axe (learn how to use them properly) if you’re heading into the hills; ice grips are handy, lightweight and can be useful in town as well.
  • Navigation – be aware of where you are and where you’re going. You don’t need to be high in the hills to get lost and into trouble. Always take a map and compass as back-up.


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