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Volvo Ocean Race Launches Anti-Pollution Campaign

Keep The Ocean Clean Initiative

The Volvo Ocean Race ( is mounting a global campaign to raise awareness of the increasing pollution that is swirling in our oceans, threatening sea-life and washing ashore on beaches across the world. Together with artist collective Skeleton Sea (;, the Volvo Ocean Race is voicing a call to arms for everyone to help reduce pollution and share in a simple message through the Keep the Oceans Clean! initiative.

Volvo Ocean Race Chief Executive Knut Frostad said, “Keep the Oceans Clean! creates an opportunity to make a global difference. This is the project we have been searching for; it has meaning to the race, the sailors and supporters, who all have the chance to make a real difference. The rubbish in the ocean is a concern for everyone. For Volvo Ocean Race sailors the rubbish not only pollutes their sporting arena but it can be problematic when they’re racing because it can catch on the keel, rudder and dagger boards and slow down the boat. Together with Skeleton Sea we will raise awareness of this problem, engage adults and children and inspire them to be part of the solution.’’

The Keep the Oceans Clean! team will lead beach cleans at all ten Host Ports visited by the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 – from the remote and rugged coastal beaches of South Africa’s Cape Town to the pebbled shores and cool waters of Galway, Ireland. Skeleton Sea’s founding artists João Parrinha of Portugal, Spain’s Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder from Germany will alternate as Artist in Residence at each Host Port. The artist will create a sculpture from the beach trash unique to each port with the help of local school children and the general public during interactive workshops. Central to the initiative is Skeleton Sea’s Albatross Exhibitionist – a sculpture and short-film installation that tell the compelling story of the thousands of albatross killed each year because they fatally mistake rubbish for food (
Xandi Kreuzeder is hopeful that Skeleton Sea and the Volvo Ocean Race can inspire others to help keep the oceans clean. He said, “It’s more important than ever for people to do their bit to protect the environment, even if it means picking up just a few bits of rubbish at their local beach. If our message gets through to just a few people, then we believe it’s been worth all the effort.”

Keep the Oceans Clean! Project Coordinator Jacqui Smith said, “The initiative aims to increase awareness through the international platform of the Volvo Ocean Race of the central role oceans play in our lives and the importance of protecting them. For all of us, no matter where we live, the ocean is essential to our existence. We need to respect the sea, look after it, and be stewards for this beautiful blue that makes up over seventy per cent of the Earth’s surface. Delivering the simple message of ‘keep the oceans clean!’ through beach cleans and workshops aims to inspire and encourage individuals to respect the oceans and think twice about how their actions can affect the marine environment, which collectively can make a real difference.”

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