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New Top Mountain Biking Trail In Grizedale

July 1st, 2011

An enthusiastic group of Cumbrian riders have grouped together to help create a new mountain biking trail in the Forestry Commission’s Grizedale Forest. Work has begun on building a new black-grade biking trail in the forest. The trail is aimed at experienced riders and includes advanced features such as jumps, berms and tabletops. The decision to create a new trail was taken to enhance the biking experience at Grizedale and to fulfil the demands of experienced downhill bikers who want technically demanding single track trails.

Work co-ordinator Lee Rayton said, “There are a lot of people in the area who are experienced riders and they have bought expensive bikes with long-travel suspension which are designed to be ridden hard downhill. However, a lot of these kinds of riders have been leaving the area to ride in Scotland in the Alps as there is nothing purpose-designed to suit their style of riding. So we are building this black route to appeal to this kind of rider. It will all be on a downhill gradient and will have jumps and berms but people will also be able to roll down it if they do not want to do the jumps.”

So far, more than 400 metres of the new trail has been created by hand with around 10 to 15 volunteers working on average two sessions a week. When completed, the trail will be just over a kilometre long and will have permanent waymarkers showing which way people can ride. The Forestry Commission, which owns the land and manages Grizedale Forest, is working in partnership with the volunteers to help the trail to be built and is providing tools and materials.

Katie Jarvis, Forestry Commission recreation ranger at Grizedale, said, “We already have the red grade North Face trail and a fantastic network of bridleways in the forest that are popular with bikers and this trail will be something new, different and exciting for bikers at Grizedale.”

For more information about Grizedale Forest, visit

It is hoped that the route will be completed by the end of September though help from more volunteers is welcomed. People who are interested in volunteering to help create the new trail at Grizedale should call Grizedale Mountain bikes on 01229 860369 or get in touch through the Grizedale MTB Facebook page.

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