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LED Torches by Lifesystems on Sub Zero Store

Lifesystems torches have been developed to provide ultra bright lighting whenever you need it. Lifesystems torches use LED technology that offers exceptional battery life and brightness. The torch bodies are precision machined from aluminium alloy and the head simply twists to select different functions.

High powered 500-VR LED mountain torch by Lifesystems

High powered 500-VR LED mountain torch by Lifesystems

4 Sizes of LED Torches

  • 500 VF – High power handheld torch ideal for mountain rescue teams
  • 210 VF – Long battery life handheld torch
  • 220 – Ultra lightweight¬† pocket torch
  • 60 –¬† Super lightweight pocket torch

All four are now available in Sub Zero Store along with a range of keyring torches, head lamps and gas lamps.

Don’t let the short days stop you enjoying the great outdoors, but remember……. stay safe stay seen!

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