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Thermal Underwear to Keep the Elderly Warm

With winter fast approaching the elderly are especially at risk from health complications caused by cold temperatures. Keeping warm is a priority, but with high energy costs a lot of pensioners on limited incomes worry about heating their properties.

Keeping warm is not just about having your central heating on 24 hours. There are a number of practical and cost efficient techniques that the elderly can employ to beat low winter temperatures:

  • Try and move at least once an hour to generate body heat.
  • Wear lots of thin layers of clothing rather than a few thick layers to trap body heat.
  • Eating a hot meal or drinking a hot drink will also help maintain your core temperature.
  • At night use an energy efficient electric blanket in bed.
  • Insulate your loft to reduce the amount of heat lost.
  • Wear thermal underwear during the day and at night.

Meraklon Thermal Underwear

Here at Sub Zero we have been manufacturing thermal underwear in the UK for over 40 years and we know a thing or two about keeping warm. We are best known for our technical base layers and mid layers for outdoor adventure sports but we also produce a range of mid layer thermal underwear ideal for the elderly who need to keep warm in a sedentary environment.

Meraklon thermal underwear long sleeve top by Sub Zero

Meraklon thermal underwear long sleeve top by Sub Zero

Our Meraklon thermal underwear range does not have an athletic cut synonymous with our other ranges that make it suitable for pensioners. The inside face of the fabric is heavily brushed  providing a super-soft fleece lining next to the skin, whilst the outer face of the fabric has a handle not too dissimilar to brushed cotton. All of our tops are cut long and our leggings have a high waist to avoid lower back exposure when sitting down.

Washing instructions couldn’t be more simpler. The water temperature should not exceed 50C or 120F and either line dry or pop close to a radiator. Due to the synthetic nature of the yarn, Meraklon thermal underwear dries very quickly and does not need ironing.

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