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Sub Zero Thermal Underwear Team Tame The Beast

On Sunday 19th September 3 intrepid but stupid people from the Sub Zero Thermal Underwear team ran The Beast trail race. The event consisted of 2 laps of a 5 mile cross country course that included steep hills, water, mud, and 32 obstacles usually tackled by horses!

Thermal underwear was our secret weapon!

After a tentative start the team soon got up to speed. Usually the water jumps at this time of year are warm after being baked by the summer sun but for a few days prior to the event the temperature had been very cool and the water was freezing. Luckily we were wearing Factor 1 Plus Long Sleeve thermal underwear tops that at least kept our top half warm. Our legs on the other hand were left open to the elements apart from Rach who wisely wore Factor 1 Bloo John thermal underwear leggings. A lesson learnt for next year.

With adrenalin pumping through our system we managed to complete the second lap quicker than the first. A few tumbles were witnessed as the obstacles were harder to negotiate with heavy trainers and tired legs, but we jumped back up and plodded on. The final finish times were reasonable for the event – 1:24:15, 1:28:39, 1:28:39.

Sub Zero Thermal Underwear team

Sub Zero Thermal Underwear team

If you fancy running The Beast next year then visit the organisers website at The Beast Run

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