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2010 Magnetic North Pole Unsupported British Expedition to wear Sub Zero

The Mag Pole 2010 team are planning to ski and walk to the 1996 Position of the Magnetic North Pole covering a distance of 360 nautical miles. The team will travel from Resolute Bay in the high Canadian Arctic across the sea ice to the Magnetic North Pole. The expedition is unsupported which means that the team will be pulling all their food and equipment in other words there will be no resupplies or checkpoints. The route will take the team through the high Canadian Arctic on the sea ice where they will experience temperatures as low as -35°C and will be travelling through the home of the polar bear. This is one of the harshest yet one of the most beautiful environments in the world.

Sub Zero have supplied sets of Factor 2 Long Sleeve and Factor 2 Bloo John heavyweight thermal underwear for the expedition. Sub Zero would like to wish the team the best of luck for the challenge.

For further information on the expedition please click here

Thermal underwear mid layer used by the magnetic pole expedition

Thermal underwear mid layer used by the magnetic pole expedition

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